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      MY TAKE ON 9/11

      John S. Torell


      September 11, 2011

      I was sickened when I woke up on September 11, 2011 and found that almost all television channels in the United States, including many Christian networks, devoted most of the day to commemorate the horrible event that took place ten years earlier in our nation.

      Pastor John S. Torell - message on MY TAKE ON 9/11 - Resurrection Life of Jesus Church: Carmichael, CA - Sacramento CountyMany years ago I read the book, 1984, by George Orwell, who was a British Jew that fought in the Spanish Civil War on the side of the socialists/communists. Coming back to England, he was depressed over the situation in the world, and as a Jew he had insight into the World Jewish leaderships aspiration to dominate the world one day under a one world government and a one world religion. He brought out that truth became a lie and the lie became the truth, and since the government and the media proclaimed it, it had to be truth and the people had to believe it or they would be taken to the ministry of love and forcefully convinced that what the government said is true.


      Any person with an engineering education knows that a high rise building with a steel structure that is hit on the top by an airplane will not compromise the integrity of the steel below it. On 9/11 the impact of the airplanes ignited the fuel and started a raging fire but that did not melt the steel beams. Most people have seen a demolition of building on television and they always collapse straight down into a pile of rubble. This is caused by explosive charges placed at key points in the structure which makes it implode and fall straight down and not damage any buildings around it. Not only did the twin towers collapse in this manner, but there was another building further away that had not been hit by an airplane that collapsed in the same fashion.


      Nothing is moved at a crime scene until a thorough investigation has been done. There was no investigation of the rubble from the twin towers, instead, demolition workers were brought in and crews hauled away the steel structure around the clock where it ended up in China to be melted and turned into new steel. Some pieces of the steel were kept in the U.S., so that it could be melted and reused in Navy ships as a memorial. But the bottom line is that by melting the steel beams and girders, there was no chance for an investigation to see if traces of thermite would be found in the debris.

      The 9/11 murder of thousands of Americans was another Pearl Harbor that got us involved in wars of Afghanistan and Iraq. Which begs the question, who has benefited from these two wars? It certainly was not the American people.


      At our church in Sacramento, Resurrection Life of Jesus Church, we have a member by the name of Major Reginald Reggie Shinn USAF (Ret) who was a navigator/bombardier on a B-26 bomber in the pacific theater during World War II. After the war he married, had a family and attended college and graduated with a Juris Doctor degree. As an attorney he worked for many years for the IRS, always making sure that the taxpayer was treated fairly. He also founded the California Pistol and Rifle Association and hosted many events in Sacramento where speakers were brought in to discuss the role the U.S. government had in oppressing the American people.

      In 2010 he was asked to narrate a video called LET ME KNOW WHEN YOU SEE FIRE. With his extensive service, first in the U.S. Army Air Corps which later became the U.S. Air Force and a doctors degree in law that has aided his endless search for truth concerning covert American government activities, he decided this video is truthful and tells the American people what really happened on September 11, 2001 in New York.

      I have personally known Reggie Shinn since 1979 and I want the viewer to know that if they trust me and this ministry, then they should have full confidence that this video is a presentation of truth that cannot be refuted. Please watch it and pray over our nation because the leadership has no scruples in murdering its own citizens to start a war.



      Finally, in order for this ministry to be able to be on the frontline and tell the truth, we need your help. We paid all the bills during the month of August but the great need at this time is the social security taxes for the pastors. We need much prayer since it is becoming critical. When you send in your gift to our ministry for the month of September, would it be possible to give an extra gift and mark it for taxes. Money marked as such will be set aside so that we can make a payment to the IRS as soon as possible. 

      You can use PayPal to make a donation or send a check in the mail. Every month is a financial struggle and we need your help to meet all the obligations for this month. One time donations help temporarily but we need friends who will commit to giving regularly. Would you prayerfully consider doing so?

      I am currently writing a series of booklets called The Kaballah: The Mother of all Harlots. The first booklet deals with the teaching of the Kabbalah and its first messiah, Sabbatai Sevi. The second one deals with Jacob Frank, who laid out the teachings of conquest, which was used by the Communists and the Nazis. The third booklet deals with the Rothschild family and international banking. We will send you these three booklets when you send a donation of any amount and request them. The Kabbalah is going to be the religion of the Antichrist system you would do well to educate yourself so that you know what to expect in the future.


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      From the Desk of John S. Torell




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