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      Compact Disc Album MP3 CD (All 7 sessions)
      $50.00 $30.00

      Seven power packed sessions on spiritual warfare!

      • Was there a civilization on earth prior to Adam and Eve?

      • Are demons for real? Where do they come from?

      • Can a Christian have an evil spirit?

      • Demonic Possession vs. demonic oppression

      • What is an arrested development spirit?

      • The connection between soul damage and sickness in the physcial body.

      • Biblical curses, generational curses, soul ties and what unforgiveness does to you.

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      Session 7 sample

      Anyone who has taken a college course knows there are prerequisite classes before you can actually take the classes associated with the degree you want to pursue. In deciding to conduct a deliverance seminar in San Diego, Pastor John realized the audience would be diverse and not necessarily familiar with the core teachings of the Bible. This compelled him to deal with a number of subjects that were not related to spiritual warfare in order to bring it all together.

      Session 1
      In speaking about soul damage, it was clear that some of the seminar attendees did not understand the different covenants instituted by God. As a result, Pastor John spoke about the Law of Death that began with Adam, how Jesus set us free through His death and resurrection, but how the Moral and Practical applications of the Law given to Moses are still in effect.

      God has established a spiritual law which states a demon cannot enter a human being unless they have first broken a spiritual law. This is a basic principle of spiritual warfare and Pastor John also shared about generational curses which can go back as far as 10 generations.

      He closed the session by discussing the different maturity levels a Christian can attain on earth and how you are locked in to that level at the moment of death. This is the level of maturity you will have going into eternity.

      Session 2
      When a human being comes into existence, the mother provides the flesh and bone through her egg and the father furnishes the blood through the sperm. God who creates the soul and a spirit that is united in the new cell, but since the Garden of Eden, the soul is contaminated by sin and the spirit dies at the moment of conception.
      The rest of this session was spent on the origin of Satan, the pre-Adamic civilization that existed on the earth, and how the book of Enoch describes what took place from the time of Adam until the Great Flood.

      Session 3
      The soul is the real person, not your physical body. All your talents, memories, gifts and intelligence are located in the soul brain. The physical brain is a protein computer that the soul brain must use to communicate and work through on earth.

      The rest of the session dealt with fallen angels, what will happen during the time of the Great Tribulation period, and how homosexuality will play a prominent role during the reign of the Antichrist.

      Session 4
      What do you know about demonic possession and how it affects a person? There are spiritual laws which prohibit demons from going beyond what God has permitted. During this session I spoke briefly on a number of issues, including the effects of drugs, what spiritual adultery is, how demons can enter children at birth and what happens with a split personality. The power of education is used by everyone to shape the next generation, but it has been used with great success by Communists, Nazis, Muslims, and even the World Government to further their agendas.

      What do you know about the rapture? Most of the Christian world has embraced an unbiblical view that was crafted by unsaved men with the intent to deceive the church of Jesus Christ in relation to Israel and the Jews. The cruel hoax being perpetrated today leaves Christians feeling confused when confronted with the truth of God抯 Word.

      Session 5
      What happens during deliverance? It is a clear cut process from the intake paperwork until the demons are cast out. Demons never die and they have more than 7,000 years of experience of infiltrating and hurting mankind. Pastor John spoke in detail about witchcraft, how demons attack a person, introduced the spirit of arrested development, detailed traumas which negatively affect your life, curses and more about soul damage.

      Session 6
      Everyone celebrates one holiday or another. Some are harmless in God抯 eyes but certain ones violate His prohibition on idolatry. Pastor John spoke about Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day and Easter.

      Based upon previous sessions, the following questions were raised: Can a Christian be cursed? Can a Christian lose their salvation? There is a multiplicity of scriptures on these subjects. Pastor John extensively answered these two questions.

      Session 7
      Jesus does not have a birthday in the traditional sense since He has always existed. Plus, Jesus did not die on the cross. It is true that His physical body died, but Jesus went to Paradise, where he spent three days waiting for his physical body to be resurrected from the dead. He also went into hell and preached to the captives there, telling them that atonement had been made, but that it did not apply to them.

      The rest of the session was spent on the time of the Antichrist.


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